Happy 2017 from WSP!

Happy New Year!

2017 is our official launch as a new, small press. We’re very excited to be releasing two books for our younger readers by Reeve Armstrong in January.

The first book, Dashiell Stone: Best Friends … Forever? is about 3rd-graders Dash, Tilden, and Roberto as they try to figure out how to all stay buddies without driving each other crazy. It’s a funny, sweet story that is perfect for 5 to 9 year olds.



Our second release is AMAZING MAN Will Peck SAVES THE WORLD! and it is a non-stop adventure! Will Peck discovers that his dad is actually the world’s greatest superhero. As a self-professed nerd with no athletic abilities to speak of, Will must spring in to action when his mom and Amazing Man are kidnapped and the world is threatened with annihilation. It’s an exciting ride, for Middle-Grade readers aged 10 and up.



Later this year, in the Summer, we’re proud to be releasing Justin McFarr’s debut novel, The Bear Who Broke The World. You can follow The Bear blog here on the site, which offers plenty of intriguing glimpses into his writing process, as well as fun trips back into the wild fads and books of the 1970’s.

Please continue checking out our site, and follow our updates as we venture into our first year of publishing. Should be quite an adventure!


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